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Any asphalt paving contractor will tell you - asphalt seal coating is the most important step in any asphalt paving service and it adds a protective coating that keeps your asphalt from oxidizing that could cause the asphalt to become damaged. Whether you have an asphalt parking lot or asphalt driveway/road,  asphalt seal coating is a necessary and wise investment to protect any project.  



Why Seal Coat Asphalt Pavement Works

By applying an asphalt seal coat you’ll keep unwanted oxidation out of asphalt pavement that could potentially cause irreparable harm to any asphalt surfaces. Should a seal coat NOT be applied, down the road any damage caused can only be fixed with major asphalt repair.


Primary Benefits Of Asphalt Seal Coating 

  • Keeps outdoor weather damage out by adding a layer of protection from harmful UV rays and oxidation.

  • Reduces the need to routinely pay for ongoing asphalt maintenance.

  • Increases the overall aesthetics and appearance of the asphalt surface, keeping it looking like new pavement.

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